Hettich platforms as problem solvers

The ”individualisation” megatrend is demanding more and more customised furniture concepts from industry and the skilled trades. Because customers are placing very personal demands and expectations on the design, use and function of spaces and furniture. Hettich’s versatile platforms provide a simple and cost effective solution to these new challenges.

Responding to customer wishes with targeted precision? Producing customised furniture designs quickly and cost effectively? Also being able to serve different price segments with lean processes? And easily bringing individualisation to furniture even at a late stage in the production process? – Whether drawers, sliding door systems or door hinges – platforms from Hettich well equip tradespeople, fabricators and manufacturers for each of these challenges while enabling them to excite their customers time and again with innovative, tailor made furniture solutions.

Clear platform benefits
Hettich’s tried and proven platform systems are versatile yet simple: within the platform, all components can be combined with each other. This significantly reduces production and stock keeping costs, makes it easier to differentiate and offer a broad product range from lean, flexible production. As a result, the platform also helps to open up new customer segments.
It was almost three decades ago that Hettich had the idea of using the platform principle to bring greater efficiency to furniture production. Since then, Hettich has regularly continued its success story with newly developed platforms. The basic idea remains unchanged: the platforms are geared to customers’ needs, with each of them perfected in technical and practical terms – from straightforward assembly, adjustment and modification to user convenience in everyday use. Yet the look must be right too. This is why Hettich always attaches particular importance to high quality and appealing product design.

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Experience Hettich first-hand at Holz-Handwerk 2022

”Hettich – always at your service.” It is with this partner-focused invitation to all cabinet makers, carpenters, fabricators and retailers that the fittings specialist will be on display from 12 to 15 July at Holz-Handwerk ”Summer Edition 2022”. On stand 304 in hall 10.1 in Nuremberg, Hettich will be showcasing its innovative solutions along with practical service and consultancy offerings that will let the trades continue along on their path of success in the future too. And anyone who’s now quick off the mark can benefit: until the start of the fair, Hettich is offering free show tickets to trade visitors online.

Covering all aspects of Holz-Handwerk, Hettich has set up a special landing page: https://fairs.hettich.com/en-de/home

This is where trade visitors can get advance information and secure online vouchers for free show tickets until the 12 July closing date. So, clicking this page is doubly rewarding.

With its new and pioneering show concept, Hettich is bringing a breath of fresh air to Holz-Handwerk 2022: every day of the fair will be seeing live events on all important topics directly on the stand. At the dedicated ”eServices” consulting point, trade visitors will have the opportunity to get an overall picture of Hettich’s extended range of digital services. Available from Hettich free of charge, these convenient and easy to use online tools will make the work of carpenters and retailer even faster and more efficient. The generally available data link to various CAD/CAM systems will, of course, be a key topic here too. The stand’s ”Paul explains how” zone will also be staging live assembly demonstrations and providing first hand information on the actual assembly machines themselves.

And Hettich’s presentation in Nuremberg will also be focusing on inspiring new products in various fields of home living, work life and services: the AvanTech YOU drawer platform in combination with the creative Cadro frame system, the Actro 5D pull-out system, the TopLine XL sliding door system being used for making versatile spaces, height adjustable Steelforce desk support frames or room sliding solutions from Kuhn, a Hettich Group company, being just a few examples. Equally important to Hettich are the prospects for the furniture future.

Anyone curious to find out more can do so in Nuremberg on Hettich’s stand from 12 to 15 July.

Red Dot Award winner 2022: The AvanTech YOU Illumination feature from Hettich brings elegant signature lighting to drawers. Photo: Hettich

Hettich presents new product releases at Technomebel 2022

Solutions customised for the modern home and working world

At last, it’s now show time again in Bulgaria: fittings specialist Hettich will be using Technomebel in Sofia from 18 to 21 April 2022 to present its new products and services. The focus is on innovative and creative fittings solutions for customised furniture design. Highlights on Hettich stand 6 in hall 1 include new design features for the AvanTech YOU drawer platform and the high performance TopLine XL sliding door system. Trade visitors will also find pleasure in the technical modules: this is where Hettich products can be explored in detail and tried out first hand.

Back in 2021, Hettich was responding to all of the cancelled trade fairs with its ”Hettich on tour” roadshow – where a van based tour took all of the main new releases to Bulgarian customers direct. This personal contact was important to the Hettich team. And now, Hettich is looking forward to the opportunity of being able to present even more trends and innovations to trade fair visitors in Sofia on a spacious 150 square metre stand.

Individuality is one of the big megatrends: this is where platform systems are opening up significantly more design flexibility for anyone wanting to give their furniture a very personal stamp. Hettich shows how this can be done both creatively and cost effectively.

AvanTech YOU Illumination: showing furniture in its best light

The versatile and adaptable AvanTech YOU drawer system from Hettich takes the effort out of customising design to meet any preference in colour, format and material. The platform principle means all components can be combined in any chosen way. This opens up a wide range of design options for interior design. By way of option, ”AvanTech YOU Illumination” now even gives furniture its own signature lighting: clip on LED DesignProfiles or illuminated glass inlays create stunning mood effects and a touch of elegance. A practical rechargeable battery pack provides the necessary energy, without the need for any costly and complicated wiring.

Wherever space is small yet the need for storage space great, sliding or folding sliding doors from Hettich can demonstrate their benefits with amazing effect. In the bedroom, TopLine XL provides unsurpassed, smooth running action for very large wardrobe doors. SlideLine M comes with immense creative freedom in the bathroom cabinet. And the WingLine L folding sliding door fitting can make new practical and visual statements for sideboards and spaces for working from home.

TopLine XL sliding door system: strong for extra large wardrobe formats

Developed specially for large and heavy fronts, TopLine XL from Hettich sets new standards in bringing purist design to ceiling height wardrobes. Its extremely shallow design with inconspicuously integrated Silent System makes the fitting almost invisible. The ease of installing the system alone is nothing short of impressive: the large format door panels can be set down on the floor without the risk of damaging the bottom fittings, quickly hung and easily adjusted. With ”TopLine XL”, doors weighing up to 100 kg gently open and close with effortless ease. Specially developed rollers with particularly good shape retention provide the basis for this new, easy running action. The system also takes you by surprise with a technical innovation for even greater practical convenience in three door wardrobes: the middle door opens intuitively both to the left and right. Whether on opening with incredible ease or gently closing – TopLine XL always runs smoothly and quietly.

Besides numerous on trend exhibits, Hettich won’t be neglecting the technical aspect either: by tradition, the manufacturer will be using dedicated technical modules to demonstrate the creative finesse that goes into all of its products: here, trade visitors will be given the opportunity to study in detail the qualities of its fittings and systems, discover how easy they are to install and talk shop at length with the Hettich team about any questions they may have.

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Looking forward to the successful partnership and to the next 25 years together: (from left to right) Patrick Parthe, Hettich Sales Manager for N.A.A., Luke Kickey and Connor Hickey, Managing Directors of N.A.A. and Thomas Kröger, Regional Sales Director. Image: Hettich

25 years of partnership: Hettich and N.A.A.

Joint development for becoming lead trading partner in Ireland

Over the past 25 years N.A.A., based in Dublin, has developed into Ireland’s leading trading partner for fittings and wood-based materials. In addition to the comprehensive range of products and services, the quality and reliability of Hettich fittings have contributed to the success story and continuous growth of N.A.A.

Just as on the German market, the current living and kitchen trends play an important role on the Emerald Isle as well. Product innovations such as the AvanTech YOU drawer system or the TopLine XL sliding door system are therefore very popular. Last year, Hettich launched a new full range catalog to support customers in Ireland. At the same time digitization is becoming increasingly important. The catalog thus combines the best of both worlds: the printed reference work as a traditional offline tool and the digital links leading customers to the latest content in the online shop, CAD data, assembly aids and much more.

Successful teamwork for 25 years

N.A.A. customers in Ireland benefit from Hettich’s extensive knowledge and constant willingness to innovate. At the same time, N.A.A. can play to its own strengths: valuable business relationships and a high level of product know-how as well as comprehensive services and precise knowledge of the Irish market. To mark the anniversary of this successful partnership, Hettich presented N.A.A. a certificate and a trophy. As a further surprise, ”Hettich on Tour” started in Ireland for the first time at the same time. With the mobile showroom, N.A.A is now traveling across the country for 4 weeks to meet customers in all four provinces. Equipped with a perfect presentation of the new products and the traditional top sellers, this saves customers the trip to the N.A.A. showroom in Dublin. The rolling event is accompanied by a social media campaign, limited offers and special giveaways. Hettich and N.A.A. are looking forward to many interested craftsmen and furniture manufacturers!


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Red Dot Award winner 2022: The AvanTech YOU Illumination feature from Hettich brings elegant signature lighting to drawers. Photo: Hettich

Hettich wins Red Dot Design Awards 2022

Hettich is triple winner of the world renowned Red Dot Award in the ”Product Design” category. The AvanTech YOU Illumination feature, the Push to open Silent soft closing system for hinged doors and the Quadro Compact FE 20 drawer runner for wine refrigerators received the accolade for outstanding design quality.

With its three award winning products, Hettich clearly demonstrates that innovative fittings often form the basis for discerning and practical furniture design. The AvanTech YOU drawer system goes one step further and is quite simply the platform for design diversity. In addition to any choice of colour, format and material, the newly awarded AvanTech YOU Illumination feature speaks to the emotions with light: homogeneous LED light at 4,000°K in clip on profiles illuminates open drawers on the inside or makes a stunning statement on the outside. And glass inlays with polished or ground edges are also presented in the best light with AvanTech YOU Illumination. The system works without any additional cables in furniture which means it is easily fitted at any later stage.

Hettich’s newly developed Push to open Silent for hinged doors also left the jury no doubt. This solution closes a convenience gap in handleless design because a soft and self closing mechanism has so far not existed for a mechanical opening system for hinged doors. The Push to open housing contains standard batteries. These supply the energy needed to return the push rod to its home position after the handleless door has been opened. The compact soft closing system simply screws into the cabinet body and matches its particular colour in a choice of either white, grey or anthracite.

The award winning Quadro Compact FE 20 pull-out system for wine refrigerators also combines design and user friendly convenience in a way that meets discerning expectations. Wine bottles should be moved without vibration so as not to impair quality and taste. Providing jerk-free action, the Quadro Compact pull-out system gently moves the wine refrigerator’s pull-out shelves in and out. A hybrid ball bearing system ensures particularly smooth, low vibration running performance. Optional features such as the soft and self closing mechanism enhance user convenience. Coming in a dark surface finish, the pull-out runner perfectly matches the wine refrigerator’s classy design too.

Three products, three different applications, all achieving one goal: outstanding, practical furniture design with emotional appeal.

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