Unlimited furniture design

Sensys hinges in obsidian black

The Sensys hinge from Hettich combines perfect design with a feel of luxury. Because Sensys is beautiful, and beautifully quiet. Now new, Sensys in obsidian black retreats into the background on dark materials, remaining conspicuously inconspicuous. The range provides a key to upgrading into the luxury segment and gives manufacturers new options for differentiating.

Dark timbers, warm colours and exquisite surfaces are right on trend in the luxury segment. More and more furniture fronts are featuring dark wood decors. Alongside this, a whole palette of earthy colours has been rediscovered. This trend towards natural authenticity and harmony comes from a rediscovery of the home that promises a sense of well being and security.

On furniture made with these dark timbers and exquisite surfaces, a hinge needs to blend into background where it remains unnoticed – in a similar way to creatures that mimic their surroundings and fade in with them to create a harmonious unit.

Hettich has applied this intelligent principle of nature to furniture design with the Sensys hinge in obsidian black: in the form of perfectly performing fitting systems that inconspicuously blend into the design of furniture.

The Sensys range in obsidian black features hinges and mounting plates for all common mounting situations and also for unusual applications, such as for thin doors from 10 mm door thickness, for thick doors with narrow reveals as well as for doors with mitred edges all round.

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