Increasingly, buyers are wanting to include their own creative ideas in furniture. The versatile SlideLine M sliding door fitting lets furniture manufacturers give their customers precisely the leeway to do so. Photo: Hettich

The new buyer individual

Hettich is redefining the customisability of products

Individuality is the freedom to choose – and a megatrend that is permanently changing expectations on life and home living. A new values thinking on the part of consumers is making different demands on the design, use and function of rooms and furniture. Both a conceptual and commercial challenge to the furniture industry. This is where Hettich sees a huge opportunity and is taking the customisability of products to a new level on the basis of all inclusive concepts.

With Fascin[action], Hettich has already defined three experience dimensions that motivate consumers when buying furniture: feel style, win storage, enjoy comfort. Increasingly, the new buyer individual is demanding customisable products which, of course, fit into their very own personal values model and lifestyle. It is not furniture that is being bought, but quality, flexibility or sustainability. This makes kitchen and furniture buyers a heterogeneous group in which each and every individual wants to feel addressed, both personally and emotionally.

Customisability is the new standard

Offering consumers added valued through the customisability of furniture and being able to do this cost effectively is a philosophy that has been practised for many years at Hettich. Even today, the platform concepts for the ArciTech and InnoTech Atira drawer systems give customers incredible product and design variety on the basis of a single drawer side profile. Proceeding from the platform concept, Hettich will in future be placing a focus on all embracing concepts with inspiring product solutions that can be seamlessly applied to all parts of the home and create scope for new furniture ideas. At Interzum 2019, Hettich is showcasing exclusive product solutions and overall concepts for practical convenience, design and storage space that make customisability the standard.