Hettich Systema Top 2000 in the Steelcase Moby. Photo: Steelcase

Hettich is ”Premier Supplier 2021”

The world’s largest office furniture manufacturer in the USA awards top supplier accolade to Hettich.

In its annual supplier ratings, Steelcase, Grand Rapids, USA, gave the Hettich Group its ”Premier Supplier” award in April 2021.

Founded back in 1912 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1998, Steelcase awards this accolade to its suppliers every year. This is how the world’s largest office furniture manufacturer, which employs some 12,000 members of staff worldwide, acknowledges exceptional performance and particular commitment.

The Hettich Group supplies Steelcase’s European production plants in the Czech Republic and Spain. The sales mainstays are the Systema Top 2000 drawer system and the SlideLine 55 Plus sliding door system.

”We are delighted to get this award. This shows that Steelcase appreciates our tremendous commitment in these challenging times,” says Jürgen Krüger, Office Division Sales Manager. ”And it is a further huge incentive for all colleagues. Needless to say, we’d like to receive this award again next year and further expand our partnership with Steelcase,” adds Karlheinz Deutsch, Key Account Manager for Steelcase. This is by no means the first time Hettich has been given an award by Steelcase in a business relationship spanning over 20 years.

Usually, the awards are presented in person at the Steelcase campus in the USA. Due to the Corona pandemic,however, this will not be the case.