Reduced look that is pure in design – uncompromisingly clean lines: AvoriTech takes the 8 mm drawer side profile to a new level in terms of design and practical functionality

Reduced look that is pure in design – uncompromisingly clean lines: AvoriTech takes the 8 mm drawer side profile to a new level in terms of design and practical functionality. Photo: Hettich

AvoriTech gets Poggenpohl off to a flying new start

New 8mm drawer side profile demonstrates drawer perfection in every last detail

Poggenpohl Möbelwerke GmbH (Herford) presented a premiere at the Küchenmeile 2020 trade show: ”AvoriTech” is the name of Poggenpohl’s brand new drawer system with a slender 8 mm drawer side profile. The pioneering new development is the result of successful cooperation partnership with fittings specialist Hettich. AvoriTech replaces Poggenpohl’s current drawer system. Providing exquisite slimline design in perfectly crafted quality, the kitchen manufacturer wants to continue its reputation as a powerful source of inspiration on the market.

Poggenpohl has been setting standards in the premium and luxury kitchen segment for many decades. The manufacturer developed the 8 mm drawer side profile as long ago as 2007, launching it on an exclusive basis. ”Our new AvoriTech drawer system is more than just an improvement,” explains Poggenpohl Managing Director Ralf Marohn. ”In cooperation with Hettich, we have completely revamped key aspects of the principle behind Poggenpohl’s unique 8 mm drawer side profile, both in terms of practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. Doing so, we are taking the product technology behind the 8 mm drawer side profile to a higher level. AvoriTech enables us to remain true to our design line, underscoring our claim to leading the field in international premium and luxury kitchen design.”

Less is sometimes more

The new AvoriTech system reflects the fine art of reduction: the drawer instantly captivates with its elegant contours and a look that is pure in design. Exquisite aluminium in matt surface finish, a material width of only 8 mm with each edge angled at exactly 90° – throughout, drawer side profile and rear panel cut a figure second to none. Meticulous craftsmanship perfects AvoriTech’s unmistakable look.

The inner values

The AvoriTech drawer demonstrates its superbly crafted quality in every last practical detail: the adjustment elements are hidden from view behind unobtrusive cover caps. Material and colouring are exactly matched to the drawer side profiles and rear panels. Fitting almost flush with the surface, these caps are virtually invisible on the drawer. For installation, they are easily removed and refitted. This leaves the adjustment mechanism easily accessible even with the drawer in place, and the front panels are quickly and precisely aligned both laterally and vertically. Also easily accessible is the tilt adjustment facility behind the rear panel. Positioned one above the other, two front adapters also give the AvoriTech front panel a particularly high level of stability.

Revolutionary runner principle: extreme stability

Steel cable synchronisation guarantees outstanding running performance from the AvoriTech drawer runners. Long term, the sturdy system also ensures maximum lateral stability and minimal sagging. – And does so even for heavily laden pull-outs. This provides perfect reveal alignment and clean lines, making AvoriTech the preferred choice for handleless kitchens with large format fronts in the high end segment. And yet a further feature helps to prolong the life expectancy of drawers from Poggenpohl: with AvoriTech, there is no need to rout out any channels in the bottom panel. Leaving the chipboard surface uncut, the risk of swelling is minimised, making the entire system much better protected from moisture.

Poggenpohl presented the drawer innovation AvoriTech for the first time at the Küchenmeile in Herford, with the market launch taking place in spring 2021

Hettich Managing Director Uwe Kreidel: "Together with Poggenpohl, we want to provide the very best solutions that a top kitchen manufacturer can offer its customers worldwide."

Hettich Managing Director Uwe Kreidel: "Together with Poggenpohl, we want to provide the very best solutions that a top kitchen manufacturer can offer its customers worldwide." Photo: Hettich

Poggenpohl and Hettich enter cooperation partnership

Exclusive premiere in Herford

Pioneering innovations and unique perfection – this is at the focus of both Poggenpohl and Hettich. In future, Poggenpohl will be using the expertise of fittings specialist Hettich in key areas of its portfolio and is presenting a groundbreaking product innovation developed in cooperation with Hettich at the Küchenmeile show event.

With this new partnership, both companies are sending out a clear strategic signal. Poggenpohl Managing Director Ralf Marohn explains: ”The name Poggenpohl stands for top quality, craftsmanship and trendsetting design. In Hettich, we have selected an innovative supplier who is able to meet Poggenpohl’s high standards as a premium manufacturer. With this cooperation, Poggenpohl is now taking another important step into the future in the field of drawer and runner designs.”

Uwe Kreidel, Managing Director of Hettich Marketing- und Vertriebs GmbH, Vlotho, is also looking forward to getting the cooperation partnership off to a successful start: ”Poggenpohl is the oldest and best-known kitchen brand in the world and a key driving force in the premium and luxury kitchen segment. Together with Poggenpohl, we want to provide the very best solutions that a top kitchen manufacturer can offer its customers around the globe.”
As part of Küchenmeile, Poggenpohl will be showing its partners the product that has been developed in cooperation with Hettich.

Do it the easy way: the Hettich website com provides useful online tools and services for the cabinet making trade.

Do it the easy way: the Hettich website com provides useful online tools and services for the cabinet making trade. – Graphics: Hettich

Helpful e-tools for the cabinet maker

Do it the easy way!

Hettich wants to make work easier for cabinet makers and carpenters in every phase of a project and, to do this, offers practical online support from the initial idea, selecting products, ordering and planning to procuring material, realisation, assembly/installation and marketing.

The quickest way is to go directly through the Hettich website at this provides direct access to the full range of e-services that are available. And should any additional questions arise, the Hettich service team will be pleased to help you in person.

Using the right tools, cabinet makers and carpenters can make their processes much faster and more efficient. The Hettich website provides a simple overview of all the information and e-services that are available from Hettich and also lets you access them directly: in your own workshop, on the road or at the customer’s premises.

Anyone saving the most important documents locally on their smartphone or tablet PC always has their personal ”Hettich tool kit” at hand without the need for any data connection. The Hettich app provides a further working aid: it permits fast access to the contents of the online media library with catalogues, brochures, drawings or videos.

Useful tools for sales talks

The customer wants something exceptional? The Hettich Design Gallery offers plenty of ideas for unique furniture ideas you certainly won’t find at retailers. Parts lists and technical drawings are also provided as a matter of course. This means that any creative furniture concept can be turned into reality straight away. Or does the customer want to know whether his or her choice reflects to the latest trends? In terms of materials, surfaces, colours, shapes and functions, the Hettich Trend Report provides quick, well-founded answers with an overall picture of the current highlights from the leading design and furniture fairs.

Another key aspect for cabinet makers is the expert advice that is given on planning a kitchen: Hettich’s Intelligent Kitchens concept provides a wealth of practical tips on how to organise kitchens in the proper way for short walking distances, ergonomic workflows and carefully considered storage solutions. This expertise also lets tradespeople score in talks with their customers. All tools are available at and can be used free of charge at any time.

Planning certainty – everything done in the right way

Customers expect modern furniture design in top quality workmanship from the cabinet maker. With Hettich, the very latest design trends can be turned into reality with the right fitting technology. Cabinet makers can use various tools for perfect planning: Hettich Plan provides an overview of the various basic cabinet body designs, lets you configure them in any chosen way and then suggests the optimum choice of fittings. Extensive information, such as wood parts lists, fitting lists, CAD drawings and CAD exports is then available for production.

The Hettich CAD tool delivers all products in digital form as 2D and 3D drawings – and does so in over 50 different formats. The automatic generation of production documents shortens production times and increases planning certainty. This way, every piece of furniture is planned with ease and precision, from matching up dimensions or the exact positioning of fittings right through to setting the drilling points. And the virtual collision tests too help to avoid potential planning errors as early as the design phase.

The right choice, easily ordered

Anyone no longer wanting to use a printed catalogue to place orders will also find all products and sources of information in the brand new Hettich eShop. This always provides the latest product information and services – needless to say, on mobile devices as well.

The search filters quickly take you to the right product. And with just a further click of the mouse, you also get assembly and installation instructions, videos or CAD drawings. Provided with all the information you need, you can now order the right product directly from the Hettich eShop or transfer your shopping basket to your own retailer’s online shop.

Realisation and installation – all done to perfection

Suitable for use on mobile devices, the Hettich Technical Assistant not only helps you with installing and adjusting Hettich products but also provides further small installation tools. The various installation steps, short video sequences and answers to frequently asked questions are directly available at the click of the mouse. This way, most things can be sorted out in next to no time.

Hettich fittings are very easy to install and adjust. Installation and assembly animations help to get it right from the very start. Easy to understand and language-free, they provide step-by-step guidance to a perfect result. The clips are available on the Hettich YouTube channel in the product play lists, in the media library at and, of course, in the Hettich app.

Never miss a thing: Social Media

Anyone following Hettich’s social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn is always up to date on the latest Hettich products and other interesting topics. The classic Hettich hotline is available for technical questions and orders and the fittings specialist can also be contacted by e-mail at at any time.

Handleless design exquisitely executed: the new Actro 5D runner from Hettich for wooden drawers ensures perfectly aligned front panels. Photo: Hettich

Handleless design exquisitely executed: the new Actro 5D runner from Hettich for wooden drawers ensures perfectly aligned front panels. Photo: Hettich

Stability and luxuriously smooth running action for large wooden drawers

The new generation Actro 5D drawer runner

Generously sized drawers and narrow reveals are the mark of today’s high-end furniture lines. This calls for high performing drawer runners which, even when heavily laden, reliably demonstrate strength and stamina: Hettich’s new Actro 5D runner for wooden drawers ensures perfectly aligned front panels with a look of absolute precision. Large, handleless fronts coalesce into one homogeneous surface on which the uninterrupted wood decor is left to unfurl its full visual impact.

Long life, incredible stability and outstanding running performance are characteristic of the new Actro 5D generation from Hettich. The sturdy runner system provides a load capacity of up to 70 kg and, when pulled open, keeps wooden drawers particularly level. Agreeable low opening forces as well as Actro 5D’s smooth, quiet running action give the user an added feel of luxurious convenience. Optimised synchronous control makes it possible: safely protected by the runner profile, it ensures a smooth movement cycle between the profiles and minimises running noise.

Top performance for large format furniture design

Additional convenient features also mean that Actro 5D significantly broadens creative flexibility for handleless furniture design: fitted with Push to open Silent, wooden drawers open with effortless ease in response to a mere tap on the front panel, leaving them to close again softly and silently. Thanks to effective multisynchronisation beyond cabinet body width, the system can also be used for extra wide front panels across two wooden drawers: a light press at any point on the XXL front reliably triggers the opening function every time.

Hettich has further solutions for out of the ordinary fitting situations in the kitchen or bathroom: a flexible adapter can be used for asymmetrically shaped drawers and, wherever a U bend is in the way, a bypass adapter guarantees full functionality from push to open Silent for the wooden drawer. Specifically for pull-out shelves, the Actro 5D also provides a retaining function that prevents the shelf from sliding back in unintentionally.

Front panel adjustment and handling easier than ever

The latest Actro 5D product generation has been consistently optimised for fast, straightforward installation and front panel adjustment. 5 way adjustment is tool-less and completely intuitive: the front panel can be adjusted vertically, laterally and in depth simply by touch and without detaching the drawer. The tilt and radial adjusters behind the drawer rear panel are easy to grip by undoing the drawer and pulling it forward a short distance on the runner.

Easily responding to customer wishes

With the Actro 5D generation, Hettich has made its successful platform system yet more accommodating: the Actro 5D’s cabinet body drilling pattern is identical to the one used by the new AvanTech YOU drawer platform. This now means it’s only one small step to the many design options provided by the innovative drawer system that fits on the Actro YOU (up to 40 kg / 70 kg) and Quadro YOU (up to 30 kg) runners. Particular advantage: these two runner systems can also be used under wooden drawers with identical dimensions whenever adjusting front panel height is all that’s necessary from a construction and design aspect. This means the versatile platforms from Hettich make it easy for industry and fabricators to secure a strong position in different furniture segments while matching value for money to whatever their customers want.

Jana Schönfeld and Sascha Groß are now sole Managing Directors of Hettich Holding; photo: Hettich

Jana Schönfeld and Sascha Groß are now sole Managing Directors of Hettich Holding; photo: Hettich

Dr Andreas Hettich to lead the Hettich Group as Chair of the Advisory Board from 1 January 2020

After working for almost 20 years in the operational side of the business, 13 of which as Chairman of the Management Board, Dr Hettich will in future focus on the strategic management of the Group and will act as a link between the shareholders and Management Board. As a majority shareholder, he will continue to represent the Hettich Group with respect to customers and the general public.

Jana Schönfeld (41) and Sascha Groß (46), both successful members of the previous Management Board, will manage Hettich Holding as equal partners.

Dr Andreas Hettich commented: ”Over the past few years we have consistently geared the Hettich Group towards profitable growth and established the organisational conditions required to do so. The entire Hettich team across the globe is working intensively on moving the organisation forwards to increase autonomy as a result of new collaborative approaches. I am delighted that the Group will be left in such good hands, and will play an active role in pursuing this objective from my position on the Advisory Board. By working together, we will be well equipped to rise to future challenges.”