Hettich Systema Top 2000 in the Steelcase Moby. Photo: Steelcase

Hettich is ”Premier Supplier 2021”

The world’s largest office furniture manufacturer in the USA awards top supplier accolade to Hettich.

In its annual supplier ratings, Steelcase, Grand Rapids, USA, gave the Hettich Group its ”Premier Supplier” award in April 2021.

Founded back in 1912 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1998, Steelcase awards this accolade to its suppliers every year. This is how the world’s largest office furniture manufacturer, which employs some 12,000 members of staff worldwide, acknowledges exceptional performance and particular commitment.

The Hettich Group supplies Steelcase’s European production plants in the Czech Republic and Spain. The sales mainstays are the Systema Top 2000 drawer system and the SlideLine 55 Plus sliding door system.

”We are delighted to get this award. This shows that Steelcase appreciates our tremendous commitment in these challenging times,” says Jürgen Krüger, Office Division Sales Manager. ”And it is a further huge incentive for all colleagues. Needless to say, we’d like to receive this award again next year and further expand our partnership with Steelcase,” adds Karlheinz Deutsch, Key Account Manager for Steelcase. This is by no means the first time Hettich has been given an award by Steelcase in a business relationship spanning over 20 years.

Usually, the awards are presented in person at the Steelcase campus in the USA. Due to the Corona pandemic,however, this will not be the case.

iF Design Award 2021 for AvoriTech from Hettich: the drawer system with 8 mm drawer side profile combines elegant understatement with innovative drawer technology. Photo: Hettich

Double win for Hettich in iF Design Awards

Awards go to AvoriTech drawer system and Quadro runner for dishwashers

No fewer than two newly developed products from Hettich have attracted the prestigious iF Design Award this year: in the ”Kitchen” category, the jury awarded prizes to the slimline AvoriTech drawer system and the Quadro runner for dishwashers.

AvoriTech: slimline, high quality design

Modern luxury kitchens are defined by minimalist aesthetic appeal, exclusive materials and their particular quality in terms of finish and functionality in every last detail. The AvoriTech drawer system with its slimline 8 mm drawer side profile and rear panel meet precisely these demands from discerning kitchen buyers in the high end segment. Reduced in looks to the essentials, AvoriTech combines elegant understatement with innovative drawer technology. And the platform principle makes it extremely easy to customise designs and use any materials consumers choose. Well known luxury kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl, for instance, has opted for a finish in elegant, anodised aluminium.

Protected steel cable synchronisation from the associated Actro YOU runner platform guarantees smooth drawer running action. This gives the system a high level of lateral stability while also minimising sag, even for heavy pull-outs weighing up to 70 kg. As a result, AvoriTech drawers featuring large, handleless front panels are left with neat, exact reveal alignment. The practical technology for adjusting the drawer vertically and horizontally has been fully integrated into the slimline drawer side profile.

The adjustment elements for aligning the front panels are easily accessible behind an inconspicuous cover. What’s special here: despite the extremely slender drawer side profile, there’s no need to alter the height of tilt of the entire drawer – only the front panel is adjusted to leave it parallel with the cabinet body. This permits fast, precision adjustment of the drawer front.

Quadro: new user friendly rack convenience in the dishwasher

Introducing the Quadro runner system for dishwashers, Hettich is now taking practical convenience familiar from the furniture sector and applying it to white goods as well. Designed specifically for this permanently moist environment, Quadro runners used in the dishwasher are by no means ”wet behind the ears” when it comes to performance and durability: the racks move in and out very smoothly and with effortless ease. This controlled, linear movement goes particularly easy on dishes and glasses, with the optional Silent System soft closing mechanism also gently moving the rack into the home position.

When loading and emptying, the over extension runner provides convenient access over the rack’s entire depth. This makes optimum use of space because the Quadro’s compact, slender design keeps to the sidelines, providing maximum dishwasher rack volume. A further benefit is the system’s hygiene factor in everyday use: with the Quadro profiles being open in structure, food residues are simply flushed out and can’t get stuck.

V-Zug, the reputable premium manufacturer of electrical appliance, is already using Quadro with tremendous success for the top racks in its Adora line of dishwashers with OptiLift.

On request, AvanTech YOU gives furniture its very own lighting signature. Photo: Hettich

Interzum Award goes to AvanTech YOU with signature lighting

Accolade for outstanding design acumen

Taking the jury by storm, Hettich’s versatile AvanTech YOU drawer system with its new design elements featuring integrated lighting has attracted the 2021 Interzum Award in the ”High Product Quality” category for outstanding design merit.

The growing megatrend of individualisation is reinforcing customer demand for customised design flexibility in kitchen and home furnishings. Even at standard lineup level, the drawer platform provides a plethora of design combinations in terms of colour, shape and material. Providing the option of giving drawers signature lighting, AvanTech YOU plays with attractive design features that tick every box when it comes to contemporary taste and style.

In essence, the award spotlights outstanding design in terms of form and functionality. The slimline drawer side profile in a mere 13 mm with invisibly integrated front-panel adjustment function permits elegant, flawless design in any combination. Equally, signature lighting integrates both elegantly and easily. Easily clipping into place, a designer profile illuminates open drawers on the inside in homogeneous LED light at 4,000K or makes an eye catching feature on the outside too. This is where stunningly lit glass inlays with polished or ground edges create lighting effects that are second to none. In each case, a practical rechargeable battery pack provides the necessary energy. There’s no need for costly electrical connections, leaving high quality design with signature lighting to steal the show without any added cost whatsoever.

Anton Hettich

Anton Hettich (†) was an entrepreneur with heart and passion

The Hettich team mourns the death of Anton Hettich

Anton Hettich, the long-standing managing partner and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Hettich Group, passed away on 24 April at the age of 91 after a short serious illness.

Anton Hettich had been a co-partner in the family business in Schramberg since 1949. After the early death of his father in 1956, he became a member of the management at the age of 27. In January 1959, following the legal separation from the parent company in the Black Forest, he became Chairman of the Management Board of Paul Hettich GmbH & Co. KG in Herford. In 1991, he moved to the Advisory Board. It was not until 2016 that he ended his tenure as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Through his commitment and wealth of ideas, he developed the company into an internationally successful enterprise. Many technical developments and new site foundations were created under his leadership.

His activities outside the company

Anton Hettich made his professional experience available to the economy in many honorary offices: For ten years, he was Chairman of the East Westphalia-Lippe Entrepreneurs Group.  He was also Vice President of the East Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Bielefeld for several years. As honorary chairman of the Industrievereinigung Möbelzubehör (IVM) in Düsseldorf, he remained closely associated with the hardware industry. In the 1970s, Anton Hettich was a CDU (German political party) councillor in Herford. As chairman, he successfully developed a local golf and country club.

Social commitment was close to Anton Hettich’s heart

Anton Hettich received several awards for his successful entrepreneurial activities. In 2006, he received the Hessian Order of Merit. In 2014, Anton Hettich was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon. He always kept the common good in mind and was also honoured many times for his social commitment. One of his most important goals was to promote the education, training and upbringing of children and young people. Anton Hettich therefore established the Anton Hettich Foundation as early as 1992. Together with his son Andreas, he increased the foundation capital to 14 million euros in 2019 on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

The death of Anton Hettich leaves a big gap. His family, all the shareholders, the advisory board, the management and the entire Hettich team mourn the loss of a great personality and will continue to develop the Hettich Group in his spirit.

Hettich and Swood now strategy partners

New tool links product databases

Hettich and Swood by Eficad, the CAD/CAM woodworking and furniture software suite integrated within Solidworks, have teamed up over recent months to develop a link between Hettich’s hardware products database and Swood’s libraries. From now on, this means the latest product range from fittings specialist Hettich will also feature in Swood solutions libraries.

Building on their strategic partnership, Swood and Hettich are providing a user friendly tool that’s been developed to let Swood users access all Hettich products within their shared libraries while letting them update everything whenever they want to. This saves any need to set up a hardware library by hand. Not only leaving Swood users on the cutting edge of Hettich’s latest innovative product lineup, the tool also lets them use every element of data in their 3D woodworking and furniture modelling work.

Created automatically, SwoodBox’ smart components not only incorporate Hettich’s hardware 3D model for visualising the end product but also every step in the machining process, such as drilling and cutting operations on surrounding elements, tops and panels, taking the 3D model to a stage that’s ready for production.

More and more, automation is becoming key in the furniture industry. Being so, Swood and Hettich will continue working together and further optimise intelligent components for 3D design within Solidworks and enhance user friendliness.