Ideal for outdoor use: whether camping in winter or barbecue evenings at the height of summer – you can always rely on Veosys hinge's integrated Silent System

Ideal for outdoor use: whether camping in winter or barbecue evenings at the height of summer – you can always rely on Veosys hinge's integrated Silent System. Photo: Hettich

Veosys stainless steel hinge from Hettich – Defies damp, cold and hot conditions

An outdoor kitchen stands outside in all weathers: cold, heat, fog, rain, snow or salty sea air – even under extreme conditions, the furniture needs to stay fully functional. This demands top quality from every component. Special fittings made of stainless steel are particularly corrosion resistant and make outdoor furniture fit for use outside. The new Veosys fast assembly concealed hinge from Hettich is a rugged all rounder for all weathers.

Veosys is made of robust stainless steel to meet the most exacting of requirements and comes in a high quality look. It is not affected by temperature fluctuations, moisture or salt. Even after 120 hours in the neutral salt spray test (NSS), the concealed hinge system demonstrates its exceptional corrosion resistance in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9227. Besides use outdoors, in shipbuilding or in coastal areas, Veosys is also suitable for applications in spa centres, gyms or laboratories and hospitals.

Veosys is quickly installed thanks to practical clip on installation as well as convenient 3D adjustment for precision lateral, vertical and depth alignment – and, if required, the adjustment screws can be hidden from view behind stainless steel cover caps.

But this concealed hinge can do even more: with Veosys, the user friendly functions familiar from indoor furniture can now also be enjoyed in the garden or on the roof terrace. The integrated Silent System provides excellent soft closing performance at low and high outdoor temperatures. And with its wide self closing angle of 35°, Veosys closes furniture doors almost by itself.

”Best of HettichXperiencedays 2021”

Completing the event in fitting style, Hettich now invites its customers and partners across the globe to the grand, joint digital finale of ”Best of HettichXperiencedays 2021” on 2 September 2021. On the portal, you can follow the streamed event direct across all time zones or watch the ’action’ later on in the media library. For all those among you who can’t wait to find out more: the programme’s now online. One of the day’s highlight is the keynote address by Dr. Andreas Hettich on ”Opportunities in the Post-COVID World”, in German at 9.30 a.m. CEST and in English at 6.30 a.m. CEST and at 5 p.m. CEST.

This event is something to savour: the ”Best of HettichXperiencedays 2021” comes with informative highlight keynote addresses, interesting guided tours, a live, mouth-watering outdoor barbecue show by Moesta BBQ GmbH from the Hettich Forum in Kirchlengern, plus interesting glimpses behind the HettichXperiencedays scenes and, of course, the local Hettich teams from around the world who will also be having their say and reporting on the experiences and impressions they have gathered over recent weeks.

It is with this attractive mix of information and entertainment that Hettich wishes to thank all customers and partners from around the globe for the huge interest shown and for the positive feedback we have received – and now hesitate not one second to look to the future. Because even after 2 September, the HettichXperiencedays project will still be there for you to view, and Hettich’s international operating bases will continue to give customers online tours of HettichXperiencedays highlights as well as on-location showroom visits. The motto we all share is and remains: ”Let’s move markets!”

The ”HettichXperiencedays 2021” mega trend show has been on since the middle of March 2021. Spotlighting the megatrends of urbanisation, individualisation and new work, Hettich has successfully used its new hybrid format to present innovative furniture worlds to its customers and partners the world over.

Anyone wishing to attend the ”Best of HettichXperiencedays 2021” in digital form on 2 September can find out more right now at and register to take part free of charge.

In our webinar “Build furniture efficiently: with HETTICH fitting data integration in SWOOD Hardware Installer." on July 29th at 3.30 PM we want to show you how easy you can use the SWOOD Hardware Installer to schedule fittings as ready-made SwoodBoxes. Photo: Hettich

Webinar: “Build furniture efficiently”

Hettich fitting data integration with SWOOD Hardware Installer

Hettich and SWOOD by EFICAD, as part of their strategic partnership, provide a user-friendly tool that allows SWOOD users to access and update all Hettich products within their libraries and schedule fittings at any time.

Hettich products database is now available within SWOOD libraries with the new ”Hardware Installer”. This makes setting up a hardware library by hand redundant. Not only leaving SWOOD users on the cutting edge of Hettich’s latest innovative product lineup, the tool also lets them use every element of data in their 3D woodworking and furniture modelling work. The product ranges available are: AvanTech YOU, InnoTech, Intermat, ArciTech, Sensys and more to come.

In our free webinar “Build furniture efficiently: with HETTICH fitting data integration in SWOOD Hardware Installer.” on July 29th at 3.30 PM we want to show you how easy you can use the SWOOD Hardware Installer to schedule fittings as ready-made SWOODBoxes. Register now:

Ergonomics in a small space. Steelforce 300. photo: actiforce

Ergonomics in a small space. Steelforce 300. photo: actiforce

Hettich now majority shareholder in height adjustable table (HAT) specialist actiforce.

This move adds yet more interior furnishing solutions to the product portfolio.

Another milestone in the history of both companies: the Hettich Group acquired a majority stake in height adjustable table specialist actiforce ( in June 2021. Their sit-stand workstation solutions complement the Hettich product range.

Actiforce remains an independent company, with the existing management team still at the helm as co-owners. Having taken over the majority of actiforce shares, Hettich has broadened its product portfolio, giving it wider access to the market.

Actiforce’s digital and analogue systems bring the convenience of quick, quiet adjustment to all desk and table types.
Seventeen years ago, this pioneer created a completely new market by inventing Vision Lift. Actiforce is an expert in the components business as well as in turn-key solutions. The company develops, manufactures and offers everything from electronic to mechanical components.

At home as well as in the office, working in an ergonomic, health conducive environment is an aspect that is becoming increasingly important. Ergonomics and user friendly comfort and convenience from electrical height adjustment are taking on greater significance in the home too. As such, trends like “Home Cocooning” and thinking in terms of new (homeworking) office worlds, are providing further growth potential for strategic partnerships. Sharing expertise and experience will further strengthen Hettich’s position as a provider of innovative workplace and furnishing solutions.

“Height adjustable systems are finding their way into everyday life on an increasing scale. In the office sector, this includes the market for ergonomic workplaces. More and more desks can be adjusted in height, providing the ability to alternate between sitting and standing as a key ergonomic factor. This is active health maintenance both in the office and in homeworking,” says Uwe Kreidel, Managing Director Hettich.

“Hettich is a world market leader with a wealth of experience in motorised desks and tables. We are delighted to share our experience and expertise with the Hettich Group. This cooperation partnership will now place both companies on a far broader base and complement their expertise,” adds Jason de Weerd, CEO actiforce.

New Work: From the classic office to the modern working world

Our working worlds will change permanently – that much is certain. The Corona pandemic has fuelled digitalisation and enormously accelerated the change through the megatrend New Work. In a very short time, familiar working structures were dissolved and new concepts established, for which a future-oriented framework must now be created. At the HettichXperiencedays 2021, Hettich is taking a close look at what the office of the future and our workplaces will look like, offering exciting keynotes with experts from the office sector. In the New Work themed area, Hettich provides innovative ideas on the transformation of the classic office into a flexible, collaborative, and mobile working environment, and on the integration of home office into the living environment.

Almost every company has felt the changes in recent months and recognised the advantages of working from home, online meetings and digital tools. The new forms of work offer more flexibility and often lead to more efficient results, while the better work-life balance provides more worker satisfaction. That is why many approaches are being adopted and further developed. The most important thing is that the work environment, i.e. rooms and furniture, adapts to different work requirements. Spatially fixed workplaces are increasingly disappearing in favour of flexibly usable zones for adaptable, interdisciplinary work or for working quietly. Since people can be productive anywhere, the proportion of remote working is increasing and with it the demand for desk sharing models, mobile and home office solutions. Hettich has developed practical and creative room and furniture concepts to meet all requirements.

Phone box in an open plan office

In the future, the office will increasingly become a meeting place to initiate creative processes together and to cultivate a sense of community. A telephone box is the ideal complement for holding a discreet telephone conversation, a meeting in private or for providing a quiet area to work in. The telephone box is just as customisable in size as it is in interior design. As a slim room-within-a-room solution, it is possible to fit  the telephone box in even the smallest office space. There is even room inside for various storage options and a comfortable, height-adjustable standing aid. A homely design ensures the feel-good effect.

Caddy as a mobile workplace

The where doesn’t matter, it’s the how. Whether working together centrally, decentrally or temporarily – with the compact, rollable Caddy, the workstation is always with you. With its work surface that can be extended to form a desk, it proves to be a flexible workstation that also has a lot of storage space to offer. This means that every workstation can be organised to perfectly suit individual habits.

Home office furniture with little space requirement

Many living spaces are not designed for working. Uncomfortable stopgap solutions interfere with productivity and blur the line between work and private life. Hettich conceals a comfortable workstation in a homely, compact sideboard. The height-adjustable desk allows ergonomic working while sitting or standing and offers clever storage space for office supplies.
After work, the workstation becomes an inconspicuous sideboard again.

Cosy Stair: Work-life-balance in the niche

Niches under the stairs or sloping ceilings can be transformed into multifunctional places of well-being through optimal use of space. On the upholstered seating and reclining surface with adjustable headboard, you can relax or work comfortably as required. An attachable table and the surrounding storage space for office materials and printers provide a comfortable home office. The perfect combination of cocooning and productivity.

Currently, exciting keynotes at the HettichXperiencedays enlighten registered participants about which aspects will still be of great importance in the New Work.