Astonishing drawer convenience in the refrigerator from soft closing telescopic runners. Photo: Hettich

Astonishing drawer convenience in the refrigerator from soft closing telescopic runners. Photo: Hettich

Solutions that excite

Great design, clever use of storage space and exceptional convenience from furniture to electrical appliance – this is all made possible with fittings from Hettich.

Enjoy comfort

With Hettich, outstanding drawer convenience is guaranteed. Whisper quiet opening and closing, full extension runner providing access to the entire drawer contents, soft, silent closing. And not only in kitchen units, but in electrical appliances too. Refrigerators reach a new level of convenience with the crisper drawers on Hettich telescopic runners. Making hardly a sound, they are fascinatingly easy to open and close. The full extension runner makes the drawer easy to fill and is as convenient as a kitchen drawer.

Win storage

Whether small or large kitchens: innovative fitting solutions from Hettich utilise every last inch of storage space. After use, small appliances vanish behind a folding door. The rear section of the worktop doubles up as storage space which is discreetly concealed behind a sliding door. And in the refrigerator too, drawers even use space right at the very back by raising the rear compartment on opening.

Feel style

Dark surfaces are right on trend. This is why designer fittings are available from Hettich in elegant black. Hinges for refrigerator and unit doors as well as oven shelves and racks. They retreat almost invisibly into the background and underscore the luxurious look of kitchen elements.

Free brochure from Hettich

The new ”Kitchen solutions that excite” brochure illustrates why a kitchen equipped with Hettich fittings comes with so many benefits. It is complemented by clever recipes. The brochure can be ordered free of charge at home-info(at) or viewed online:

In a striking drawer presentation, Hettich shows new ways of addressing the individuality of various target groups. Photo: Hettich

Design meets individuality

New concepts from Hettich

Hettich is presenting surprising concepts with a focus on design and individuality from 16 to 19 October 2018 at ”Sicam” in Pordenone, Italy’s most important trade fair for components. Integrated fittings and exceptional design inspiration extend an invitation to engage in dialogue on tomorrow’s furniture design.

Individuality as an eyecatcher

In a striking drawer presentation, Hettich will be showing that there’s the right solution for every wish: in terms of creative diversity, functions and cost efficiency. The options provided by design flexibility are in the spotlight at Sicam and emphasise the system’s many different facets. Providing clever and cost efficient solutions, the concept enables kitchen and furniture manufacturers to address the individuality of various target groups.

Latitude for new furniture design

When a flap fitting invisibly disappears into the side of furniture, a completely new furniture element is born. Together with ”ambigence”, a young company based in Herford, Hettich is presenting a concept for a new flap fitting that is bonded with a sandwich panel. The result: a lightweight look and understated elegance for furniture design – on the outside without any hint of the integrated fitting from Hettich. The fusion of fitting and panel also makes full use of the space inside. ”With the flap fitting, we have developed a product that responds to the needs of a market and customer group that place importance on styling, design and a well balanced integration of working components. The flap fitting combines latitude for designers with the first class quality and functionality of a Hettich product”, says Robert Soda-Cotic, Regional Director for Italy at Hettich, about the design study.

The new TopLine XL sliding door fitting from Hettich impresses with design options, practical convenience as well as failsafe installation. Photo: Hettich

First class sliding doors

TopLine XL from Hettich

Large format, floor to ceiling sliding door units make statements and provide visual clarity in a room. The new generation TopLine XL sliding door fitting from Hettich is the key to creating storage units and wardrobes with a focus on exquisite design. The system sets new standards in practical convenience and failsafe, straightforward installation.

Focus on uncompromising design

With its working components hidden almost completely from view, TopLine XL conjures a perfectly balanced overall picture: the extremely shallow running component as well as the concealed Silent System element recede into the background. Coordinated with cabinet design, decorative hinges in champagne colour, white and black add the finishing touch to the runner profile’s visible surface – for design taken to perfection. Clip on installation makes floor to ceiling constructions easy to create.

Experience convenience in a new dimension

The sliding door fitting gives the user outstanding convenience and flexibility: with three door units, the middle door can be opened to the left and right – always with a feel of luxury that is second to none. Whether on opening with incredible ease or gently closing, there’s hardly a sound.

Failsafe, damage free and straightforward installation guaranteed

The TopLine XL sliding door system comes with an innovative floor standing guard. While they are being installed, the doors can be set down on the floor without having to worry about damaging the guide components as they glide up automatically to prevent them from bending out of shape. The Silent System is also easy to install: positioned without the need for any complicated formula, the soft closing element is inserted and screwed into place. On installing the doors, the hook-in assistant makes sure they are correctly positioned. Straightforward overlay and height adjustment guarantee perfect door alignment for an immaculate look. Overlay is adjusted with the doors closed and involves no tools – the result is immediately visible. Vertical adjustments are made with the doors closed, either from the front or, if the door is too close to the ceiling, from the side.