The new Hettich Workshop covers the entire 'customer journey'. Hettich helps to bring simplicity, efficiency and success to the way its customers work.

Hettich eServices and assembly machinery

Services from inspiring and finding ideas as well as planning and ordering to realising, assembling and installing let Hettich help its customers to work with a focus on ensuring simplicity, efficiency and being a success. At the new ”Hettich Workshop” in Vlotho, interested parties now have the opportunity to go through all the processes and seek any advice they are looking for.

”We are a consulting partner to our customers, planners, fitters and fabricators. The Hettich Workshop covers the entire ’customer journey’ which lets us provide the best possible and all embracing support for our customers”, Dr. Andreas Hettich says. The workshop includes the three areas of digital processing technology , drilling and insertion as well as assembly.

Inspiration and finding ideas
Hettich gives furniture manufacturers attractive sources of inspiration with trend reports on key trade shows, Ideas Books as well as its Design Gallery.

Planning and ordering
When it comes to planning a kitchen, Hettich Plan and Hettich CAD provide two service tools that can turn furniture ideas into reality. Hettich’s package of services is complemented by the eServices portal as well as the online shop that take every effort out making sure the right fittings are ordered.

Realisation, assembly and installation
A factory workstation simulates a potential workplace environment, with material being delivered and the finished drawer conveyed to the next stage of the assembly process. It provides fully operational workstations for training and instruction purposes, teaching staff how to produce drawers with InnoFit 400 and ArciFit 300 as well as drill holes to fit hinges and provide hole lines with BlueMax Mini and BlueMax Modular. Training is also available for assembling and installing cabinet bodies using drilling jigs and assembly assistants.

Solutions that excite by Hettich

Scope for new ideas:

SlideLine M sliding door fitting from Hettich

The SlideLine M sliding door fitting from Hettich is a system for many applications. Merging into the background, it doesn’t interfere with the design of furniture and gives sliding door elements a look of elegance. Perfectly soft stopped sliding doors underscore the quality of furniture. Silent System is discreetly integrated on the running component and moves doors quietly and gently in opening and closing direction.

For further information take a look at our YouTube channel.

Distinctive designer profiles for Hettich drawer systems

With the platform concepts from Hettich, furniture manufacturers are not tied to any specific furniture segment by choosing a particular drawer system. Products offering great ways of differentiating are perfect for meeting differing consumer demands and expectations. Hettich’s new designer profiles for ArciTech and InnoTech Atira drawers provide a particularly effective way of individualising furniture for those wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Taking ergonomics and user convenience to new heights:

Big Org@Tower from Hettich

Working on the same principle as a larder unit, the Big Org@Tower opens up its entire storage space in one easy movement. It is an intelligent piece of furniture both from a practical aspect as well as in terms of planning as it provides access to contents from both sides. This not only makes efficient use of the space inside but also means that storage can be tailored to suit individual needs. The popular method of filing can be combined with the practical nature of drawers.

Astonishing drawer convenience in the refrigerator from soft closing telescopic runners. Photo: Hettich

Astonishing drawer convenience in the refrigerator from soft closing telescopic runners. Photo: Hettich

Solutions that excite

Great design, clever use of storage space and exceptional convenience from furniture to electrical appliance – this is all made possible with fittings from Hettich.

Enjoy comfort

With Hettich, outstanding drawer convenience is guaranteed. Whisper quiet opening and closing, full extension runner providing access to the entire drawer contents, soft, silent closing. And not only in kitchen units, but in electrical appliances too. Refrigerators reach a new level of convenience with the crisper drawers on Hettich telescopic runners. Making hardly a sound, they are fascinatingly easy to open and close. The full extension runner makes the drawer easy to fill and is as convenient as a kitchen drawer.

Win storage

Whether small or large kitchens: innovative fitting solutions from Hettich utilise every last inch of storage space. After use, small appliances vanish behind a folding door. The rear section of the worktop doubles up as storage space which is discreetly concealed behind a sliding door. And in the refrigerator too, drawers even use space right at the very back by raising the rear compartment on opening.

Feel style

Dark surfaces are right on trend. This is why designer fittings are available from Hettich in elegant black. Hinges for refrigerator and unit doors as well as oven shelves and racks. They retreat almost invisibly into the background and underscore the luxurious look of kitchen elements.

Free brochure from Hettich

The new ”Kitchen solutions that excite” brochure illustrates why a kitchen equipped with Hettich fittings comes with so many benefits. It is complemented by clever recipes. The brochure can be ordered free of charge at home-info(at) or viewed online: