Looking forward to the successful partnership and to the next 25 years together: (from left to right) Patrick Parthe, Hettich Sales Manager for N.A.A., Luke Kickey and Connor Hickey, Managing Directors of N.A.A. and Thomas Kröger, Regional Sales Director. Image: Hettich

25 years of partnership: Hettich and N.A.A.

Joint development for becoming lead trading partner in Ireland

Over the past 25 years N.A.A., based in Dublin, has developed into Ireland’s leading trading partner for fittings and wood-based materials. In addition to the comprehensive range of products and services, the quality and reliability of Hettich fittings have contributed to the success story and continuous growth of N.A.A.

Just as on the German market, the current living and kitchen trends play an important role on the Emerald Isle as well. Product innovations such as the AvanTech YOU drawer system or the TopLine XL sliding door system are therefore very popular. Last year, Hettich launched a new full range catalog to support customers in Ireland. At the same time digitization is becoming increasingly important. The catalog thus combines the best of both worlds: the printed reference work as a traditional offline tool and the digital links leading customers to the latest content in the online shop, CAD data, assembly aids and much more.

Successful teamwork for 25 years

N.A.A. customers in Ireland benefit from Hettich’s extensive knowledge and constant willingness to innovate. At the same time, N.A.A. can play to its own strengths: valuable business relationships and a high level of product know-how as well as comprehensive services and precise knowledge of the Irish market. To mark the anniversary of this successful partnership, Hettich presented N.A.A. a certificate and a trophy. As a further surprise, ”Hettich on Tour” started in Ireland for the first time at the same time. With the mobile showroom, N.A.A is now traveling across the country for 4 weeks to meet customers in all four provinces. Equipped with a perfect presentation of the new products and the traditional top sellers, this saves customers the trip to the N.A.A. showroom in Dublin. The rolling event is accompanied by a social media campaign, limited offers and special giveaways. Hettich and N.A.A. are looking forward to many interested craftsmen and furniture manufacturers!


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